mardi, avril 27, 2004

Life Is Peachy...Hell Yeah!

Nope, not going to the lab today. Need to concentrate on the report. (Is it possible with the kitchen and couch near me?) Ooop! Be right back... nak buat air teh-O.


I'm back...with a half-fried egg and a mug of tea. A perfect breakfast for a person whose day starts after 12 pm. Bila connection dah terlalu cepat dan takde bende benda nak di dl, rasa macam membazir bandwidth jerk.

Road in KL after 12 am was a heaven! Imagine the time it takes from Balakong to Balai Seni Lukis-- 20 menet! Dengan traffic yang SANGAT sedikit membuatkan akuk terpikir kan bagus kalau mase pagi pun macam neh... Dream on!!

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