mardi, avril 06, 2004

All In One�

Subjek Pertama: Kawen Kawen Kaweeen, Nikah dan Kawen!

�Hari Ahad ni diaorang datanglah nak merisik Nana.�

My cousin is moving a step ahead. The merisik thing was yesterday and the engagement will be next month. I am excited! In a way, I �whoa�ed. Tunang huh?

I asked her this question the last time we met.

�So, brape lame korang tunang nanti?�

�Insyaallah 2 tahun�

And mom interrupted,

�Alahai, takdenye 2 tahun tuh� Mak Ngah berani bet lah!�

*silently* �Lor, mama aku ni plak yang over-excited.�

So, if everything goes according to plan, she�ll end her single hood at the age of 24. An OK age to settle down.

Subjek Kedua: Do I Look Like My Age?

There are times when I think I�m not acting the way I�m supposed to. I am 22. Give me another year and I�ll be earning my monthly paycheck. But why don�t I feel like being 22? No, I�m not living in denial but whenever I compare myself to a few cousins of mine who are in the same age, I will silently go �Whoa� how �grown-up� they are��. And suddenly I will recall our childhood memories of catching tadpoles, playing teng-teng and polis sentri (which is actually POLICE AND THIEF). When I meet them, I will see a bunch of �freshly produced� adults and when I take a look at myself, I see this �seorang budak perempuan yang kekadang kene sruh pakai baju yang macam perempuan dewasa sket�. My style: The dearest flip-flop or sandals (bukan yang ade bunga!), tees and drawstring pants or jeans� and my purple slingbag, leather(?) strings as bangles (yang balut-balut kat tangan tuh� ape name dia ek?) and my dear non-girly-design watch to complement it. One of my friends told me that I look like a tourist�

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