mercredi, mars 24, 2004


I�m still a little fucked up but not as bad as what I went through yesterday or this morning. My logical senses have started to get back to their respective places.

After a few sesi luahan perasaan with anyone available (sebab akuk dah terlalu pissed off) : Syah, Franz, Is and G (thanks to all), I�m starting to feel a bit better (if not fully). Brownie points to me as I�m still continuing this without getting aggravated.

Revenge is sweet and the idea has been playing on my quarter-numb brain since forever.

I�m starting to miss the clan and a few others. Lan has started his industrial training and Mojo+Acid are MIA. I was told that Acid dah dah jadi playa. Besar dah budak tu. Mojo? Well, still single I guess. Now Affa is the one that I really want to meet� my here-take-my-lip-balm hun. Syah? Talked to him this evening. Wantak has become a career man at one of the banks. Dah lupa bank apa. We do SMS and call each other once in a while. Is is totally MIA. Not close to him though. Nel is in Melbourne and like Is, we�re not that kamcheng either.

Percaya atau tidak, the first sight of rojak buah brought a small �yay� to me. I am obsessed with this dish, BIG TIME obsession. Uptown punya pun best tapi dia ada letak sotong kurita, which I personally think unnecessary. Herm� I missed Uptown too� Pek, kirim salam kat mamak jual air tu.

*inhale�.exhale�.inhale�exhale�* Lapa la.

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