mercredi, mars 03, 2004

2 down and another last one to go. am in the library, planning to complete a few chapters so that there will be less to cover tomorrow. my eyes are beginning to get heavy due to one megi goreng and one roti kosong i had earlier at hartamas. (terima kasih kepada alif the now-catwalk-model yang sanggup drive untuk mencarik sesuap makanan). the initial plan was to search for tandoori and naan but as expected, there's no such thing at this time around. kempunan tandoori sejak 2 minggu yang lepas. hermmph

..balik tido or sambung revision...balik tido or sambung revision...balik tido or....

i cant help myself!!! whenever im online...HERE.. the first thing that i will do is to go to clear all the cookies and the temporary internet files... and not forgetting to terminate any suspicious programs that can be terminated. (kalo rosak pon ni library punye ;)....or to be exact...COMPUTER SPRING CLEAN. i cant help myself!!! (psst, dalam pc ni ade spyware!)

luar macam dah ujan. it was dark when i parked the car so i bet it already started to shower by the time im here.

march 16 2004: pendaftaran online bagi semester khas...AAARGH! I'D DIE OF BOREDOM!

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