samedi, février 28, 2004

All Geared Up?

Wheeee! It�s the time of the semester! Exam exam exam. *sigh*

I am in the cold spell since Wednesday. Can�t afford to rest though my body was aching all over. Gagahkan semangat! Chewah! Amazingly, my brain wasn�t numb and clogged like my system. I managed to digest some facts despite the frigid temperature and the nonstop attempts to hold the mucus from escaping. Nasib baik tak pening. In addition to that, I had to park my car at the other side of the road, near the Faculty of Geology and the journey to the door itself consumed me twice the time I take when I erm� healthy. Mase tuh, kalo ade orang offer naik stretcher pon akuk sanggup. The pace? Don�t ask. Even the tortoise will win.

Yep, I am the constant visitor of the library� now. (Biase ke bile dekat dekat exam ni) Can�t study inside the room. Oh tidaaaak�to many distraction, especially the katil. I don�t mind driving to and fro if I can get a better atmosphere plus all the peacefulness I need. (Korang akan dengar ayat ni sekali aje dalam satu semester, so bace betul betul! Ahaks!)

When I was on my way to the car, I came across a few visually impaired students walking in group. I was touched! Insaf beberapa seken. Tu jer�

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