lundi, novembre 03, 2003

Only If I Could

Why do people love to bitch around,
And direct me with all the miseries?
Is this envy?
Or do they simply have no other hobby?

I am trying to cope, trying to hold,
Though deep inside I know it is lunacy.
Buried and chained,
Screaming for a raging unleash.

Vengeance is what I seek
To make them see, to make them feel,
What lays dormant under every beats
are lethal than any deadly tragedies,
That could one day
overwrite all histories.

Suddenly I was waken up,
Conscious from my foolish desire,
For God lends me a hand
To help me survive,
To make me comprehend,
That human is what we are,
And mistake is what we formulate.

Date: April 9 2003

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