mercredi, octobre 01, 2003

Shhh dammit!

Like any other exam weeks, my days are mostly spent in the library. That�s the only place where I can sit and memorize facts without any distractions. In the house? A very very bad idea. Imagine the food in the fridge, TV in the living room, bed in your own room, games in your PC� (I am now totally addicted to �Super Bounce Out!�). Not to mention when Putih is around. Will end up playing kejar-kejar with him instead, when all I should do is to concentrate on the book.

So there I was, on the second floor. I quickly checked out my favorite spot but again, it�s occupied. Well, I should�ve expected that as it�s the exam week. Felt a little bit frustrated but quickly scanned the other part of the floor for empty seat. I usually like my table to be totally empty without any soul except mine but then again, it�s the exam week. There were 2 people on the table I chose but they were not around when I arrived. Their books were the only indication. Geez, the whole place was totally packed and it�s suffocating in a way.

My revision session was rotten and a total waste of time. Two bitches on the opposite table treated the place as it is some kind of a gossip corner. There were a few times when I threw them some annoying stares but of no avail. Fuck! Once a bitch always a bitch. (Pardon my words as my mood wasn't and ISN'T at it's best. Another moody day...) Are you blind?! HELLO!!! I�m trying to focus here!! It�ll be highly appreciated if you guys could just shut the fuck up. There was a time when Bitch A received a call and she just simply talked loud enough for others to hear. Not to forget the �perempuan miang� laughter. Thank god I managed to control my rage. I did have a thought of giving them a piece of my but I quickly shoved the idea away. Was kind of regretted but I�d surely do it next time when I come across such situation. Of course with some considerations of the consequences of my action lah. But really, somebody should teach such people a lesson to respect the others around as well as the place. What a slut! To be exact, a kampung slut in red. If you were to ask me about my imagination about those girls, I�d say, lets just don�t mention about it. Too ruthless to be told.

I�m going there again tomorrow, but it�s going to be around 8.30 am. And after Friday? 2 papers to go and best of all, no more memorizing involved! Can�t wait for that.

Oh yeah, to those bitches in red and black, GET A LIFE!

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