mardi, octobre 07, 2003

(I�m supposed to get started on the damn programming but hell I�m having an article ready for my post instead.)

One For The Guys:

I�ve been longing to jot this down but MALAS gets in the way. There was once a drama on TV about a couple who faced a dilemma when his girlfriend or should I say, fianc�e was raped by the thief who broke into her house� right after she had a date with her boyfriend. Tragic isn�t it? Of course she was traumatized after the incident! And the rapist? Well, he got caught while fixing a Virago at the roadside a few hours after doing his �business�. How the cops manage to identify him? Don�t want to go in detail about that.

So this is the point. A question to all the guys out there: What will your reaction be upon finding out that your fianc�e, the one that you�re going to marry, is being raped? (Since the movie was somewhere in the 90�s, I guess the virginity matter is still one of the main considerations.) Will you still accept her? Or are you going to call off the wedding? As for that drama, I only managed to catch the first part. Didn�t figure out what actually happened to them in the end.

Okay, I�m about to come out with my opinions. So boys, pardon me if I got carried away�

Anyways, the reaction of the boyfriend in that drama? Well, I wish I could just kick his balls. It didn�t take me any line in the script to show me what was on his mind at that moment. His expression alone was enough. It�s like he�d be fucking glad if the girl asked him to cancel the wedding and let him seek a replacement. Damn, the only thing she wanted at that moment was his support, to help her to face the community and the fact that her �precious treasure� had been snatched by some bastard. I�m not surprised if he dumped her after that. That shows how pathetic can a guy be.

I admit there are some other guys who still stick to their partner despite such incident. And I RESPECT them for that. But those who aren�t? I�d say, MAY YOU ROT IN HELL. To them, they only deserve the �untouched� ones; which my comment will be� �Come and taste my earwax, moron!� What happen to �I�ll stay by your side no matter what� or �I�ll be by your side through your ups and downs.�? Craaaaps! I never believe such promises. They are just something which are impossible to stick to and are just another sweet talking. If your guy say such things, just ask this: Will you still be with me if I�m crippled for the rest of my life?�. Expect long pause before the reply� Somehow, I don�t blame them for that. Even I myself would think hard before spitting anything for the answer�

Conclusion: Simpang malaikat 44 (from both situations.)

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