jeudi, octobre 09, 2003

I�d like to enroll to a yoga center when I eventually gain my own living. Why at that time around? Basically, that is when I�m free to do whatever I planned to do before this. No worries about having to ask for some cash from my parents (which is one of the things I hate to do).

So basically, how do you do yoga? Read a frontpage article on Life and Time about meditating. The writer seemed to make sound simple. The thing consists of 3 steps:

1) sit on the ground with your legs crossed (the typical yoga position) with your spine, shoulder and head in one straight line.
2) Relax the whole body, like in this article say, from the crown to the toe and mentally suggest to every part of your body to relax.
3) Get focused on your breath, particularly when you inhale and exhale.

Damn easy right? But I don�t think I�ll manage to execute the final step. HOW TO FOCUS? I haven�t tried it yet but my subconscious mind tells me that I just can�t. Oh well, it does worth a try, doesn�t it?

Need to stop now. My room needs to be �diulang dekor�. It totally needs a new makeover! Pick a theme! Pick a theme!

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