mercredi, octobre 15, 2003

I survived on my third day of the 30-days break. My life, during this time around will be totally insipid, with nothing to do and look forward to. My days start after 12 noon and ends at 4 am. Sheez� I want to go back to �school� again� erm, wait a minute, come to think of it����������������.. Okay! Nevermind! I take back my wish.

I�m following the Spanish soaps on TV at this moment. Not actually a fan of those stuff. Just doing something to kill time. What else can I do apart from going online? Working? Naaw, I don�t go for part times. My definition of WORKING will be during the time when I eventually get a REAL job based on things I learnt in Uni. Herm, I�m also thinking of getting another degree in biology, which doesn�t have ANY connection with what I�m taking right now. Back in high school, my favorite subjects were Chemistry and Biology, which is the one I love the most. Atas perkara-perkara yang telah berlaku semasa matrikulasi, I got off the track and landed on computer science instead. The frustration is still there but like people always say, �ada hikmah di sebalik ape yang berlaku�. After all, I can have as many scrolls as I want. The key is-- �cash and self motivation� ;)

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