samedi, septembre 27, 2003

PUTIH IS GETTING BETTER! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! and he's gaining his appetite again! yeee haw! rushed downstairs to boil the chicken and boy, that's the first 'demanding meows' i heard since last week. he was all flat, sleeping all day at the place he usually avoids-- wet rug. that really shows how hot his body was. oh well, he's back! :)

well, the bagi ubat task is still the same. and now i decide to give EVERYTHING once per day eventhough some require twice. one thing for sure-- NEED to finish the antibiotic by hook or by crook.

its been a hectic week. didn't even have the time to think about any petty stuffs. all are about exam, essay, assignment, unfinished chapters, putih, yada yada yada. those are just enuff to get me occupied. not a single space for any petty stuffs. have i told u how happy i am today? my brain was clear, in fact, clear enuff for me to cover 4 chapter within 3++ hours. (thanx to 2 tall mugs of nescafe i had earlier on...errr...or was it simply because ive gained the mood to study?) planned to stay a lil bit longer considering the massive jam i have to pass along the fed hi-way but i left early anyway...somewhere around 5.45pm. had a hot cuppa milo and lepak in front of the library at the same time, watching the passing cars..( mainly the drivers..*wink*).

have a plan at night. a fren of mine invited me to the talk about this omega trend, which is kinda famous right now. i know a few who are already in this scheme. my main intention was to unwind and saja saja buang masa. we arrived a lil bit late but hey, i don't even bother if we miss the whole session. like i said, the scheme doesn't even attract me despite of the money it offers in return...which is quite a lot for a student like me to gain every month... even my mom doesn't get that much from her salary. i won't go to any of the meetings ever again. or even if i do, i'll make sure that the gap will be long before i attend the next one. otherwise, the omega trend people will get pissed off to discover that my only reason is none about joining in. since i was an oscar winner for 'best leading actress', i successfully hid my 'no-thanx' expression and let the lady wasted her saliva on explaining the whole stuff. after all, what can i do? say 'no no no' right away? nak kene pelangkung? i'll be labeled as rude for sure. so, there i was, "hangguk hangguk", "herm herm" and "owh owh" all the time.

going to the library early tomorrow morning. hopefully to complete the final 3 chapters and go on with my c++. (at this moment, to me, getting c for c++ is certainly a total blessing)...

oh no! i'm yawning!!!!!!! noooooooooo!!!!! oh god, please don't let it happen. i've skipped my midnite oil burning session last night and i don't want it to happen again.... today!!!!

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