dimanche, septembre 14, 2003

im getting better tho a lil bit lightheaded. flu and cough are in control. woke up around 11 am. mom was at home. herm... we had a row last night and it was kinda bad. i've decided to apologize to her. well...everything went back to norm after that. herm... i guess i do have some problem with my emotion. i mean, my mood swing is unpredictable. i can be a jolly at a time and a total bitch right after. sheez...that's one helluva thing to change. tuff!

noah dropped by for dinner and stayed till smallville finished. we then had slurpee before he left to meet his friends somwhere in serdang. and now, my stomach feels weird. mustav been the slurpee lah.

*yawn*.. am entering the Zzz zone anytime now. blame the cough syrup for that.

signing off..-ded-

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