vendredi, septembre 12, 2003

i feel like i'm being used... that fella is REALLY going to pay for it if it's proven true. pantang nenek moyang akuk kalau orang mengambik kesempatan dengan kebaikan akuk...seriously akan kena dengan akuk! mark my words!

my mood is ruined. totally ruined. grabbed my phone and sms sham instead. kalau takde aral melintang, we might catch a movie next week. sinbad was his suggestion. what? owh, c'mon... i'd rather watch jungle book 2. recommended him 2ast 2furious and identity and he's probably gonna pick identity when the one that i have in mind is 2fast 2furious. sheez... we always seem to face a conflict whenever it comes to movies. oh well~

was in the library right after literature. almost done with SNMP, and then, proceed to MIB. 2 topics to cover and i've yet to ask the lecturer about the chapters included in the final. hopefully those topics from accounting management onwards.

syed didn't turn up for today's class. herm....

had a burger from the fac of art and social sc, where i have my literature class. nice... very nice... erm well, nothing to praise about as he used to sell it at my fac. okay, now i am drooling and worse, my stomach is grumbling. had salad but i just don't think it's enough. i won't be complaining if it is, okay. the best thing is to search for something edible without going around and turn the place upside down. (you don't know what empty stomach can do to your brain...)

uncomfortable esophagus + empty gut = sleepless night.

at this moment, the only thing that i want to do is to spend my time alone, doing things based on my spontanious mind and go wherever it directs me to. what i'm thinking now is spending my evening at the varsity pond, watching people kayaking and view about anything that comes across my mind-- life, environment, human yada yada yada... or perhaps having a walk around the area? or maybe jog a few kilometers before my karate class? herm, the last idea sounds nice. okay! lets jog! where is my trainer...

i have the sense that this thing is going to last a lil bit longer. what to expect? waking up and start the day being grumpy and with a lousy emotion, try to avoid any contact with other humans (which is way ridiculous, considering that i have 3 classes to attend tomorrow), don't give a shit about everything... and the list goes on.

*blank* i need coffee...

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