samedi, septembre 20, 2003

Friday, September 19, 2003� Hari Ko-K UM. What about that one? We�d be performing the katas (stances) we learnt throughout the semester. My position in the line? The frontmost. Uh-huh, where everybody who was in front of me could watch every single step I made AND not forgetting my mistakes. That was being the whole fear I had till that very day. Oh well, things were not like what I expected it to be�with the VC staring at us�especially those who were facing him (ME and a few others) with his fellow assistants and few other beings. Turned out to be a mere demo, not a formal performance or stuff. Whee!! So, all I did was enjoying every single moment without the terror of having the wrong step at the wrong time.

Met Sha before that and joined her and Alif after the demo. Whoops! My hunk-o-alarm suddenly beeped. Did I just see a cute guy? HELL YEAH! He�s one of the dancers and yeah, Alif knows him. He reminds me of Vince of AF. But a skinnier version of him lar. I couldn�t help myself throwing a few glances at him. So shoot me! Naah, that ain�t going to work either. I might just land on him if somebody did shoot me. *buat pergerakan jatuh perlahan-lahan dengan tangan kat dahi macam damsel in despair* The very first question I threw Alif,

�Is he straight?�.
�Oh that one? I guess you should go directly to him and ask lar. But I don�t think so la. I think he may be�MAY BE a lil bit crooked in some way.� (sambil membuat muke berkerut).
�Ala� is he? Owh, okay�� (dalam hati sangat kachiwa.)

He is just cute aiite! Well, what do you expect? There is hardly any STRAIGHT, HUNKY, MASCULINE, MACHO guy who dancing is his passion. Erm, so far la yang akuk usha. Tapik memang ade la� *wink*

Menyebok at the dressing room. Watched Usop, a friend of Alif did a makeover to one of the dancers. I can�t help myself paying full attention to that from the beginning till he did the final touch-up. I�d love it if he does an experiment to my face. Trust me, I didn�t know the trick to make the nose looks pointed till I saw the way he did it to that girl just now. (Dalam hati *oooo�.camtu ke cara dia�.*). Ade sesape nak try mekap kan akuk? Meh isi borang.

Left Mr. Maybe Crooked and the rest around 6.45 pm. The tank needed to be filled. Will they accept 5 ringgit from me? Dived inside my wallet and found just enough amount for the fuel and a large set of McChicken. Was making my way to the exit and planning to go straight to Telawi but a dish stopped me from proceeding with the idea�Nasik Goreng Pattaya! OKAY! I�M GOING TO GET THAT ONE INSTEAD!!! Sedap giler! Akuk tatau kenape tapik nasik goreng pattaya yang abang 12th college buat tuh memang sedap seyyy! Nasik dia tak fancy sangat with all the mixed vege la and bende bende lain if kowang pi makan tempat lain. Yang ni just sikit sawi yang akuk boleh asingkan tanpa mengambil masa 1 jam and ayam. Best giler weh! Seriously! Kalo tak, akuk tak asik order menatang tuh jerk each time pi 12th.!

Mieza called when I was placing the order. Borak- borak panjang till akak tuh panggil �NOMBOR 20!!!!!! NASIK GORENG PATTAYA SIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!� �.with the portable mic. She wanted to drag me along to the Omega Trend gathering. She did invite me before but I had something on that day. Guess I have to put off her invitation again. My parents have something up on both Saturday and Sunday. Herm, how about the night session�? Herm, bleh gaks. ;) Oh yeah, you guys can shove away the thought of my joining the scheme. Na-ah, thank you. Kenape akuk buang tebiat nak pi gathering depa? Jadik pemerhati bebas for sure, wanna know how they actually works, yada yada yada� (though I already knew about it.). *am thinking of anything to bring just to avoid from yawning the whole session*
Eugh! It�s almost 10 and I HAVEN�T had my bath YET from this morning. My face looks like as if you can use the oil on it to fry a fish! Any tips on that? It�s been bothering me since forever lah!

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