jeudi, août 14, 2003

Just finished playing with my hair. I then realized that my locks actually need a snip! Not only to get rid of the darn split-ends (every girl�s nightmare), the sudden decision also has something to do with the fact that I�ve been keeping this same boring style since what? Forever? The last time I got it cut was around 4 years back. That was when I cut it to shoulder length and straightened it at the same time. Loved the new look but the smell of the chemical was unbearable!

Herm, what way do I want it to be ek? Short and feminin? Spiky? Shoulder length again? Now this is the tough part. You see, my hair is curly�not the Felicity-typo curl, but this is more into unruly, sesuke-hati-sesedap-rase kind. If I leave it to dry naturally without any combing activity, you�ll see the hair of Ezlynn. Nice but lets just don�t mention about the frizzes aite! Come to think of it, maybe I�ll let the amoi see what suits me best.

I�m sleepy and my trip to UM was spent yawning. My eyes felt heavy and I only prayed that God would keep me awake. I drove all the way just to discover that the class has been cancelled! Stoopid! And that was my ONLY class for today!!!

Planned to renew the entry sticker but nasib baik tak jadi nak buat. Turned out to be the guard office was closed. Probably for the whole week. Me and Is ended up having a tour around the gerai konvo. Bad timing! The convocation was just finished. Talking about banyak orang! Felt like being in Jalan TAR on Sunday! The only thing we managed to get was drinks�and I had 2�coconut juice and chrysanthemum tea.

Aaargh! I have to drive my grandad again! Alaaaaaaa!!! I hate it because I was �lost� and ended up using a longer route. My sense of direction sucks!

Oh more thing, PLEASE DON�T give me flowers during my graduation day.

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