vendredi, août 15, 2003

Did I just hear my PC sneeze? Naaw� ;)

Condolences to those who have being kissed by Blaster. Like shit huh? Ida�s laptop is one of the victims as well as Iskandar�s (heh Is, keep on cursing!). Not forgetting a chat pal who saw 4 of his PCs got infected. What does this worm cause you? Forced shutdown on your PC. Best of all, it even provides you with countdown. Holy shit!

�.Blaster or MBlast or LovSan infects computers connected to the Internet but does not require an action, such as clicking on an attachment, to be triggered�

�Computers not connected to the Internet or computers that are connected but run other operating systems are not affected�.

That is why some people tend to choose Unix-based OS rather than Windows. Basically because it is much harder for computer viruses to spread on Unix systems due to the way it segregate user memory and actions from the system administrator memory and actions. (Whoops!). Bst of all, it�s all about open source! You can play withthe the coding and perhaps creating your own system. Sounds great aite? But I'm being spoilt with user-friendly interface (duh!) of Windoes.

Nuff of that� Here�s something that I�d love to share with yall~ Enjoy!!! Shee hee heee~~

Hi hoe! Hi hoe!

Ey, can you guys view the pic?

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