lundi, août 11, 2003

Adekah window screen akuk tadi bergetar sikit...atau bebola mate akuk yang sebenanyer bergegar?

Okay, Danial is actually 26 years old. Serious shit mati- mati ingat he's only a year older that I am or yang paling tua pun 23/24 la. He's 26! Tooh-wen-teee-six! Whoa...he certainly doesn't look like one. Ah...and one more thing, he knows Adib...Aznim...notice this! A.D.I.B! ahahah...Adib budak Kuching!! I can help you to korek infos about Adib if you want since this Daniel actually slalu gaks pi shoot hoops ngan dia... Hahaha!! Belanja akuk wei!

Herm.....Kuching... certainly a nice place...I like the public library in PJ..erm..not Petaling Jaya or Putrajaya..but Petrajaya....a very very nice architecture with a man-made lake. Oh yeah, not forgetting the see-tru glass spiral stairway. I love that place. If I were given a place to choose as my neighborhood in Sarawak, I'd certainly pick Petrajaya. :)

It's's pouring...but this old man isn't snoring...

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